Our international experienced Design Studio is based in Venice, Italy, where we breathe and take inspiration from the History, the Culture and the Beauty of this Unique City.

We have joined together passion, knowledge and curiosity so we can offer a large variety of services ranging from Product design to Graphic Design and Corporate Identity projects: from the initial idea, through Market analysis and Engineering to the final Product we LOVE to take care of our International clients in order to achieve the best results together.

We are mainly involved in Consumer Electronics, Illumination, Furniture, Booth, Sport tools and Accessories projects.

Lightning On-The-Go USB 3.0 Flash Drive

F400, the TV box

Tweety & Sylvester - Mp3 player for kids

NEC WI1520 - Hi end Workstation

Nec computers sell some of the best and powerful workstations on the international market. But they lack of identity as they were assembled using 3rd parties bezels.
The front cover of their WI 1250 WS has been designed taking inspiration from trucks in order to communicate strength and performances. Every single detail, such as vents and silencing, has been studied in strict collaboration with their technical department.